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Virtual Events

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Virtual Events

Gather Events

We create bespoke virtual spaces full of interactivity on the Gather platform for busy event planners looking to get the most out of their virtual events. With Gather and our custom maps, we’re giving events an organic feel and a dimension of engagement rarely seen in online events.

To get your online event started in no time, drop us a message with information on how to get in touch and what you are looking for!

Online locations for

Your benefits

Branding & personalization

We embed your corporate identity in your location.

Face-to-face meetings

Talk in private meetings beside your colleagues.

Group discussions

Meet in dynamic groups and use multiple interactions.

Free exchange with all

Walk in and out of conversations as naturally as in real life.

Video & microphone

Use the benefits of digital communication today.

Chat function

Text with all members, only a group or just one person.

Interactive objects

Give your event something special with games and other interactions.

Present & share screen

Give presentations and discuss your content.


Pricing packages will be announced soon. Please contact us for further details.


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